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When a weary stranger arrives one day, carrying only a suitcase, everyone is full of questions.

Why is he here? Where has he come from? And just what is in the suitcase? The stranger claims it contains a teacup, a table and chair – and a cabin on a hillside. Will anyone believe him?

Find out in this heart-warming new show for everyone aged four and up – adapted from Chris Naylor-Ballesteros' award-winning book, performed by Toby Mitchell (artistic director of Tall Stories) and directed by Verity Clayton.

'A touching story about friendship and the importance of kindness' (

Pleasance Courtyard

Edinburgh Fringe, 4-21 August 2022

Props supplied by Retrovation

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Toby Mitchell is artistic director and co-founder (with Olivia Jacobs) of the award-winning theatre company Tall Stories. He is also a writer and performer in his own right, and an experienced photographer. 

Tall Stories is a registered charity which tours nationally and internationally with its unique blend of storytelling theatre, original music and lots of humour. The company is best known for its theatrical adaptation of ‘The Gruffalo’, alongside many other large, mid and small scale shows.

Prior to Tall Stories, Toby worked as a French teacher, assistant director at Soho Theatre Company and editor at Macmillan Children’s Books.

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As writer/director/performer

2019   Alice and the Little Prince w/p

2016   Future Perfect w/p

2013   Back from the Future w/p

2012   Monsters Got Talent w/p

2011   Brilliant Books for Kids w/p

2011   Ben Brailsford: My Fortnum & Mason Hell w/d

2009   Moulin Blue w/d

2008   For Entertainment Only w/p

2007   A British Guide to World Peace w/p

2006   A British Guide to World Religions w/p

2005   A British Guide to French Pop w/p

2004   The Egg d/p

2003   The Island of First Loves w/p

2000   Quack! d

1999   The Truth w/d

1998   VMW w/d

1995   Corduroy Biker w/d

1994   The Egg d

For TALL STORIES as director/performer

2021   The Smeds and The Smoos d

2017   Future Perfect d

2015   Alfie White: Space Explorer d

2013   My Brother the Robot d

2012   The Snail and the Whale d

2010   Twinkle Twonkle d

2007   Does a Monster live Next Door? d

2006   Cat and No Mouse d

2005   The Snow Dragon d

2004   The Owl and the Pussycat d

2002   Something Else p

1999   Snow White p

1997   Alice and Mr Dodgson d

For TALL STORIES as writer/creative producer

2018   The Canterville Ghost

2017   Wilde Creatures

2014   Emily Brown and the Thing

2011   The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr Benn

2009   Room on the Broom 

2008   How the Giraffe got its Neck 

2007   Monster Hits

2005   The Gruffalo's Child

2003   Mum and the Monster

2001   The Gruffalo

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“This joyous mash-up charms both adults and kids” 

Alice and the Little Prince (The List)

“A thought-provoking show, smoothly devised and managed with great charm by Toby Mitchell and given heart by his talented son”

Future Perfect (Scotsman)

“Funny and clever, this play has lots of big ideas - absolutely brilliant”

Future Perfect (Primary Times)

“Toby Mitchell is a cheerful character with a high-concept story”

Back from the Future (Scotsman)

“A good and intriguing concept, presented by a very convincing actor”

Back from the Future (BroadwayBaby)

“An absolute delight - Toby Mitchell has a natural, relaxed style”

Monsters Got Talent (Scotsman)

“Toby Mitchell has the right balance of charm and enthusiasm, never patronising the kids - good fun”

Monsters Got Talent (Three Weeks)

“A really sweet, simple concept – a gentle, charming show”

Brilliant Books for Kids (BroadwayBaby)

“A disarmingly charming show – a fascinating hour”

Ben Brailsford: My Fortnum and Mason Hell (Three Weeks)

“A thoroughly unusual and highly enjoyable show”

Ben Brailsford: My Fortnum and Mason Hell (Fest)

“Toby Mitchell is a likeable fellow and an easy person to listen to”

A British Guide to World Peace (

"Fast, quirky and innovative... a funny and immensely enjoyable performance" 

A British Guide to World Religions (Three Weeks

“A hilarious, incredibly politically incorrect history/description of religion - fantastic” 

A British Guide to World Religions (

“Bizarre and hilarious”

A British Guide to French Pop (Three Weeks)

“The show has the laidback feel of friends having a get together with a glass of wine” 

A British Guide to French Pop (

“Toby Mitchell has a natural ease and rapport with the audience” 

The Egg (The Stage)

“Affectionate and humanistic” 

The Island of First Loves (The Scotsman)

“A piece of theatre that is not only hugely entertaining, but also very good for the soul” 

The Island of First Loves (Hairline)

"A witty, lightly satirical look into the future" 

The Truth (Ham & High)

"A gripping and contemporary thriller... web noir" 

The Truth (The Herald)

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Drop me a line at

toby dot mitchell at gmail dot com

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